Gym Floor Covers for Seattle, Washington, Oregon, Montana and Idaho

To make your sports floor a multi-purpose floor Northern Hardwood Company can provide you with three gym floor covering options. We supply the standard PVC gym floor cover in weights of 13 oz. to 32 oz. Including storage racks and accessories.

For even more protection, we supply giant tiles and Portafloor systems, giant tiles are made of a full ¼” compound of PVC, woven fiberglass and heavy-duty carpet fibers. Portafloor systems are interlocking, roll-up, modular gym floor covers designed for protecting both hard surfaces, like gymnasiums and tennis courts, or soft surfaces, such as grass, artificial turf, carpet, or even dirt.

Northern Hardwood Company, located in the greater Seattle area serves Washington, Oregon, Montana and Idaho. Contact us today for a free sports flooring estimate.