Gym and Sports Flooring Testimonials for Northern Hardwood Company

We had a floor from decades ago finally get bad enough where I was afraid of one of the athletes getting hurt from splintering tongue and grove joints splitting. We contacted Northern Hardwood Floors and within a few weeks had a site visit from them to check conditions and walk with me and the AD through the process. We came to an agreement and a schedule was set. The unexpected onset of restrictions from the Covid was only minor in scope and the company seemed to adapt seamlessly. There were some soft spots in the floor that needed to be addressed and a few more that were discovered during the repair of the others, these we handled quickly and without schedule creep. I was extremely impressed with the amount of work this three man team was able to accomplish. They arrived when they said they would, kept me informed of times when they wouldn't be here, what we needed to do to protect their work and doing so within all the various changes the virus handed us.

The work was completed on time and without additional costs. The floor was funded by donations from the community and those members could not be happier with the results. The college feels the same way and now feel we not only have a safe, sound new floor but one of if not the best looking one in our division.

Thanks again to all from Northern Hardwood Floors from the estimator to the office staff and final construction team, couldn't have asked for a better project team or project!

Rick Croot - Associate Director Peninsula College

Bellarmine's experience with Northern Hardwoods was exceptional from start to finish. From advising on possible solutions to our flooring needs, through the completion of the project, David and his crew were responsive, insightful and professional. We will be relying on Northern in the future to help us with any and all of our flooring needs.

Ed Ploof - Athletic Director.

To Northern Hardwood

I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you and your organization, Northern Hardwood, for your recent installation of our new Gym Floor at Tacoma Baptist Schools. Personally, when I or an organization I am a part of engages a company to accomplish a major project, I look for a number of criteria to be fulfilled. Price, quality of product and workmanship, start and completion dates met, communication, and customer service. Almost all companies say they do all of this, but rarely does the relationship result in all of these criteria being fulfilled.

Well, Northern Hardwood is that rare exception. They rate Excellent in all of the categories I have enumerated above.

Price was not the cheapest, but the best rarely is. A gym floor is something that must last for a long time and continue to represent the school to our constituents. We have received rave reviews regarding our new floor from all constituents and it will last for a long time into the future.

Quality of the end product and the workmanship to install is almost unbelievable!! I was on site multiple times a day throughout the project. Each time I engaged with the team that was completing that segment of the project (i.e., removal of old floor, installation of new, finishing the floor, and striping) I was impressed with the quality and capability of the team and their leadership. Almost every time, when I asked how long they had been with the company and doing what they were doing, it was 10, 13, 15 years. That says a LOT!!

Start and completion dates. They met or exceeded their dates for the project. How often does that happen on significant projects like this? Rarely.

Communication throughout the project was timely and crisp. The sign of a very, very well led and managed organization. This and all of the above emanates from the top, David, so my congratulations and thanks to you and the rest of your organization.

Customer Service is all of the above wrapped together and it was exemplar.

In summary, we would highly recommend Northern Hardwood. If anyone would like to call and talk further with me, we would be happy to have that conversation.

Ron Nelson
Treasurer, Board Member
Tacoma Baptist School

We would like to Thank Northern Hardwood company for all of the work everyone did. Starting with yourself, You helped us get lined up with the NJPA. This is a great avenue for us to use in the future. You were also very helpful on helping us with all of the paper work, it made our end a very easy process. Thank you so much.

Another big THANK YOU to Dave and the crew that worked on the job. They put in long hours to complete the job in a timely manner. The crew was very neat and organized. When I would show up on the job everyone was very professional, any questions I had, everyone was more than happy to take their time and answer my questions.

I look forward to working with Northern Hardwood Co, in the future. Great Job!

"Northern Hardwood has been a great company to work with from the beginning of our project. Every employee we dealt with was very professional and extremely helpful. We knew Connor Floor has a good product but working with Northern Hardwood only made the floor even better. They care about their customers and it shows. I will continue to work with them when future projects arise and will encourage others to have the same great experience we did. Thank you Northern Hardwood!"

Shauna Albrecht
CEO/Executive Director
MSU Northern Foundation

To Northern Hardwood

“I fell that I must bring to your attention the outstanding customer service I received by your company.  I am very delighted to have had the pleasure of working with Northern Hardwood Co.  David and his staffs professional and courteous attitudes, expert knowledge, and patience in handling our specific issues were very important.  We love our new gym floor.”

Mary L. Lewis
Ashwood School District 8

To Northern Hardwood

“Your crew just finished up the floor refinish job and I couldn’t be happier with the work they did!  The floors look great;  the 2008 basketball court looks brand new again, and the 1970’s aerobics room and raquestball court floors look as new as they could possibly be without ripping up the boards and installing a new floor.  The finish is glass smooth and the crew took obvious care in the work they did.  I can’t give an official Air Force endorsement of your company, but I’d be happy to give a personal one.  Easy to work with from start to finish with quality work and good communication to boot.  I’ll put in a request for another refinish job this same time next calendar year, so hopefully we can turn this into a recurring annual project.”

Anthony E Goeltz- CSCS, HFS, RKC
Director, Fitness and Sports
Malmstrom AFB, MT

To Northern Hardwood

“David Hilpert and the Northern Hardwood team have been professional and gone above and beyond at each step of our journey from concrete to athletic floor, starting with David coming down-TWICE!-to measure, help us dream, answer our many questions, and give us a generous bid that he stood by for many months until we were ready to begin.  When we finally started, work went quickly and his crew was knowledgeable and courteous.  We asked for a stain/paint scheme that was ambitious to say the least- not a problem for these guys!  What we got was more than what we expected…we are excited to play on our floor for years to come.  Thank you, David and crew!”

Principal/ Bethlehem Lutheran School
Kennewick WA

It is my pleasure to recommend the Northern Hardwoods Co. Inc. to you. David Hilpert and his crews worked with our school district from design to scheduling, sanding, repainting and refinishing two of our high school Gyms. The company offers top-notch quality, service and a great finished product. Across the board, we were very pleased with their work.

Our project in particular illustrates their attention to detail and concern for quality. After previous experiences with different companies, Northern Hardwoods exhibited that their superior knowledge creativity and end product is one of the best in the industry.

Please consider Northern Hardwoods Co. Inc. for all of your hardwoods floor needs, it will save your both time and money. I recommend them and look forward to working with them again.


Bill Uebelacker
Manager, Buildings & Grounds
Helena Public Schools
1200 Sanders St.
Helena, MT 59601

“Northern Hardwood has been a great company to work with over the past many years; they do quality work, are always dependable, and always finish a project on time.”

Dan Johnson
Director of Facilities and Operations
Walla Walla Public Schools

“From start to finish, Northern Hardwood Company did an outstanding job on our new gym floor.  Dave Hilpert spent as much time as necessary listening to our needs and then delivering a top notch product that our students and community are extremely proud of.”

Sergio Hernandez
Freeman School District

“Northern Hardwood and their crews have provided excellent customer service and creative solutions for our facility that go above and beyond a typical level of service. They continually perform at the highest standard possible in the industry.”

Bob Ford
Acting Director
Central Washington University

“We have used Northern Hardwood to completely install a new floor, refinish existing floors, and sand and refinish existing gym floors. In all settings they have done an excellent job!!  The customer always comes first with Northern Hardwood!  David and his staff are very thorough, knowledgeable, and have always acted as professionals in dealing with the myriad of complexities that occur in any gym floor job. “

Gary Haverfield
Assistant Principal/Activities Director
Beaverhead County High School
Dillon, MT

“This company cares more about the customer then their bottom Line”

Dave Meyer
Concordia Elementary School
Seattle WA

“Northern Hardwood is not just a floor installation company; they are flooring experts with a personal touch.  Long after our Rec Center was completed, David and his team checked on us to ensure our satisfaction with all of their products.  10 years later I still call Northern Hardwood for special projects, and/or, technical advice. “

“The University Of Idaho has a Connor synthetic flooring system, ElastiPlus2000, in its 6,000 sq. ft. Multi Activity Court located in the Student Recreation Center on Campus.  The “poured” floor was installed in late 2001 by Northern Hardwood Company, Inc.  “

“Prior to the grand opening of the Student Recreation Center in February, 2002, Northern Hardwood poured a “test pad” using the ElastiPlus2000 product.  The test pad was prepared specifically for the University Of Idaho Campus Recreation staff members, providing a means to observe the installation process and witness the final product.  The staff was then given the opportunity to run, jump, and roller-blade on the finished product.  The result was the decision to purchase the same product and installation for the Student Rec Center.”

“Northern Hardwood installed the multi-layered resin / epoxy floor during the original new construction project of the Rec Center – including leveling the sub-floor and installing the rubber underlayment.  The final flooring product has exceeded all expectations.  The flooring system and the installer, Northern Hardwood Co. Inc. have my recommendation. “

Gordon Gresch
Associate Director, Campus Recreation
University of Idaho